Start a free trial

Who can use this feature?

🔐 Only team owners and admins can start a free trial.

Are you unsure which plan is the right one for you? Just start a 14-day free trial of any plan. There is no credit card required.

To start a free trial

  1. Open the Team settings of the team you'd like to start the trial for. You can do this by opening the main menu in the top left corner of the app, clicking on your team name, and then choosing team settings.

  2. Go to the Plans & Billing section and choose Start 14-Day Free Trial on the plan you'd like to start the trial.

After the trial has ended

After the trial has ended, you can decide if you want to upgrade or stay on the free plan. In case you are using features that are not part of the free plan, access to those features will be lost.

Frequently asked questions

Do I require a credit card in order to start a free trial?


Am I required to upgrade after the trial has ended?