Strategy & OKRs

Your team needs to know what they are working toward in the long run and why. That's why transparency of your company goals and supporting strategy is indispensable for keeping everyone on the same page.

Having this information instantly accessible and always up-to-date not only helps current employees stay focused and aligned, but is also important for the smooth onboarding of your new team members.

Here's how you can easily document your goals in Nuclino and share them with your team.


Step 1: Create or select a workspace

Let's start by creating a workspace. You may want to add this information to your general wiki or knowledge base workspace or create a dedicated workspace for your company strategy and OKRs.


If you are creating a new workspace, you will need to configure:

  • The default view of your wiki.

    You have the choice between the list, board, graph, and recent views. The list view is a great choice, as it illustrates the hierarchy in a simple and easy to understand way. Don't worry, you can always change it later!

  • Privacy.

    You can make your workspace public – visible and accessible to your whole team – or private, so that only you and invited members can see it. This workspace should be public – after all, this information is highly relevant for the whole company.

  • Access rights.

    Can all your team members edit the content by default or should your wiki be comment-only or read-only? The best choice here depends on many factors, including the size of your team, type of content you want to share, who is expected to contribute, and so on.

Step 2: Create clusters

Content in Nuclino is made up of items (think of them as docs or pages) that are grouped in clusters (which act as folders). You can learn more in Nuclino 101.

When deciding on the overall structure for your team wiki, separate the content that you plan to share with your team into broad categories – and create a cluster for each.

For example, you may want to include:

  • Vision & mission

  • Company strategy & OKRs

  • Team OKRs


Step 3: Document your company strategy and OKRs

Now that you have the core structure in place, time to document your company's mission, strategy, OKRs, and whatever other information you may want to share.

A Nuclino item can contain text, images, lists, tables and more – click the [+] button when you're on a new line in the editor or trigger a slash command (/) to get an entire list of the possibilities. When referencing different pages within your workspace, type @ to easily create an internal link.


Step 4: Share the content with your team

If you haven't added any members to your Nuclino team yet, you can easily do that by clicking "Invite People" at the top right corner of the app and add the email addresses of your team members. Or better – create a shareable link and paste it in your team's Slack channel to save time.

If your team members are already using Nuclino, add them to the workspace in the workspace settings.

For safekeeping, you can adjust access rights so that it's read-only.


💡 Nuclino Tips:

Instead of manually adding new team members every time, make it your default workspace. This way, every new member will be automatically added to this workspace when they join your team in Nuclino.

👏 You're all set!

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