Use Canvas

Who can use this feature?

🔐 Only workspace editors can add and edit a canvas.

⭐️ On the Free plan, you can create up to 3 canvases. On the paid plans, you can create an unlimited number of canvases.

Canvas enables seamless visual collaboration directly in Nuclino and allows you to easily add whiteboards and diagrams to any item. You can use it to brainstorm, create flowcharts, build moodboards, and more – all without leaving Nuclino.

To add a canvas

  1. Open the item you'd like to add a canvas to.

  2. Click on an empty line or create a new one.

  3. Use the insert menu or the /canvas slash command to add a canvas.

To edit a canvas

To start editing a canvas, double-click it or right-click it and select Edit. The canvas will open in full screen and allow you to edit its content.

A canvas can contain shapes, images, and connectors.

Shapes & images

To add a new shape or image, select it from the toolbar on the left or right-click the canvas and select it from the menu.


To change the type of an existing shape, right-click it and choose it from the menu.


Every shape can contain text and emojis – to add or edit it, double-click a shape.


To add an emoji, type : and select it from the menu.


Shapes and images can be easily resized – simply select it and then click and drag one of its corners.


To resize a shape or image without changing its ratio, hold down Shift.

To resize a shape or image while keeping its center fixed in place, hold Alt.



Shapes and images can be linked together using connectors. To add a connector, hover over the side of any shape or image, click on the red dot, and drag it to the side of another shape or image to connect it.


A connector can be a simple line or an arrow. To add or remove arrows, right-click a connector and select the appropriate option from the menu.


To navigate a canvas

Select and Pan mode

You can navigate the canvas using the Select or Pan tools:

  • In the Select mode, you can select, move, and edit the objects on the canvas.

  • In the Pan mode, you can freely navigate the canvas without making accidental changes.

You can switch between the Select and Pan mode using the toolbar on the left, or using the following hotkeys:

  • While in the Select mode, hold Space to switch to Pan mode.

  • While in the Pan mode, you can press Esc to switch to Select mode.


You can zoom in and out of the canvas using the mouse wheel, the toolbar on the left, or the following shortcuts:

  • Actual size: Ctrl/Cmd + 0

  • Zoom in: Ctrl/Cmd + +

  • Zoom out: Ctrl/Cmd + -

To maximize or minimize a canvas

A canvas can be resized to take up more or less space inside an item.

  1. Right-click the canvas you'd like to resize.

  2. Select Maximize or Minimize.


To comment on a canvas

  1. Right-click the canvas you'd like to comment on.

  2. Select Comment.

  3. Type your comment and click on COMMENT.

  4. The canvas will be highlighted with a yellow border until the comment is resolved or deleted.

To delete a canvas

  1. Right-click the canvas you'd like to delete.

  2. Select Delete.