Use external links

Who can use this feature?

☞ Only workspace editors can edit external links.

☆ Available on free and paid plans.

To create a link

Via Copy & paste

  1. Open the link of the website you'd like to add to Nuclino.

  2. Copy the link from the browser's address bar.

  3. Open the Nuclino page in which you'd like to add the link.

  4. Paste the link with Right click → Paste or Cmd/Ctrl + V.

Via markdown

Type [name](URL) and after typing the closing “)” the markup will transform to a link.


Manually typed external links will be clickable after pressing space.

To open a link

  1. Click on the external link.

  2. Click on the tooltip which appears. It will lead you to the external website in a new tab.

    external link

To rename a link

  1. Click on the external link you'd like to rename.

  2. Write a new name (the color needs to stay blue).

  3. Delete the part which you don't need any more.