Find internal links

Who can use this feature?

🔐 Available to anyone.

⭐️ Available on all plans.

You can use a search filter to easily find all items containing internal links to a specific item. This can be helpful in many cases, for example if you are planning to permanently delete an item and want to make sure no other item is linking to it.

This filter can be used across all workspaces you are a member of. It applies to links in the item content and doesn't include links in comments.

To find internal links

  1. Type @ in the search bar.

  2. Select the item you want to find links to.

You can also access this filter by typing + in the search bar or clicking on the search icon and selecting Add search filterMention or link.

  1. The items in your current workspace linking to your selected item will be instantly filtered.

  2. To search across all your workspaces, press Enter.