Use internal links

Who can use this feature?

🔐 Only workspace editors can edit internal links.

⭐️ Available on all plans.

To link to other items

Using the @-menu

  1. Open the item in which you'd like to create a link to another item.

  2. Type @ at the place where you'd like to add the link.

  3. Type to filter the items and select the desired item with a click, or by pressing Tab or Enter.

  4. If the item you'd like to enter does not exist, simply hit Create Item from the dropdown and an item with the title of your query will be created and linked.


Using the insert menu

  1. Open the item in which you'd like to link to another Nuclino item.

  2. Move your cursor in a new empty paragraph.

  3. Click on the insert button, a red + icon.

  4. Select Mention or link.

  5. Select the item you'd like to link to.


To find internal links

  1. Type @ in the search bar.

  2. Select the item you want to find links to.

Hint: You can also access this filter by typing + in the search bar or clicking on the search icon and selecting Add search filterMention or link.

  1. The items in your current workspace linking to your selected item will be instantly filtered.

  2. Press Enter to search across all your workspaces.