Embed diagrams from IcePanel

Who can use this feature?

🔐 Only workspace editors can embed diagrams from IcePanel.

⭐️ Available on all plans.

IcePanel is a collaborative diagramming tool that helps software engineering and product teams align on technical decisions. You can embed diagrams from IcePanel in Nuclino items.



You can create diagrams directly in Nuclino by adding a canvas! Type /canvas to get started.

To embed a diagram from IcePanel

  1. Open the diagram in IcePanel.

  2. Click on Share in the top right corner of the app.

  3. Go to Share Link and enable Share link for latest version.

  4. (Optional) Enable Prevent navigation to hide the non-essential navigation controls and get a clearer view of your embedded diagram.

  5. Click Copy link.

  6. Open Nuclino and navigate to the item you'd like to embed the diagram in.

  7. Paste the URL into an empty paragraph.

If you'd like to paste the original URL as is, without embedding it, use the Undo shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd + Z) after pasting the link.