How billing works when adding new users

Team owners and admins can easily add new users by sending them an invite link, adding them via email, or provisioning them via SSO. Each user you add (including guests) needs a seat, and you are charged for the total number of seats in your team.

As long as you stay within your currently billed seat count, you can add new users without extra charges. For example, if you remove a user (or a pending invite) from your team, you can add another user before the end of your subscription period to take up the vacant seat without incurring additional fees.

When you add users exceeding your team's seat count, you will be automatically charged a prorated fee for each additional seat for the remainder of the subscription period. This fee will appear as "Prorated Charges" in your billing history and billing emails. For example, you upgrade your team to the yearly Standard plan for 10 seats and add 10 users. After 4 months, you add one additional user and are charged a prorated fee: $5 x 1 seat x 8 months = $40 (note that currencies and prices may differ based on your location).

If you want to add multiple new seats at once and get a single invoice, you can invite users via email, or go to the billing settings, click on the three dots next to your plan, select Upgrade subscription, and adjust the seat count.

Note that when users are added via email, additional billed seats with the corresponding prorated fees are generated as soon as the invite is sent out, without waiting for the users to join your team.

You can review your team's current seat count and billing history in the billing settings. For more information, visit our pricing page and billing guides.