Invite people to a team

Who can use this feature?

☞ Only team owners and admins can invite people to a team.

☆ Available on free and paid plans.

Team members can invite more people to a team. Invite people that you want to collaborate with. Every new invitee is automatically a member of the General workspace and can join any public workspace of that team.

To invite people to a team

  1. Go to the team you'd like to invite people to.

  2. Select Invite People in the top right corner or from the main menu.

    a. Copy the invite link and share it with your team.

    b. Invite people by email by entering their email addresses.

If the people you invited by email already have a Nuclino account, they'll receive an email and in-app notification.

In case they do not have a Nuclino account yet, they'll receive an email with instructions on how to join the team.