Formatting tips

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There are a ton of handy formatting features, shortcuts, tips, and tricks for those looking to use Nuclino like a pro.

Selection menu

Formatting text in Nuclino is easy – simply select it and pick the styling you need.


Insert menu and slash command

You can add headings, lists, files, images, tables, embeds, code blocks, equations, and more. Use the + button or type / to see the types of content you can add. If you are looking for something specific, type it out to filter the options, for example, /table or /upload.


Shortcuts and Markdown commands

Prefer to quickly add and format content without having to take your hands off the keyboard?

The Nuclino editor supports a set of handy Markdown commands and keyboard shortcuts.
To view the full list of available commands in Nuclino, open your account menu by clicking on your profile button in the top right corner of the app and select Hints and shortcuts.

Inline formatting

**Bold** or press Ctrl/Cmd + B

*Italics* or press Ctrl/Cmd + I

~~Strikethrough~~ or press Ctrl/Cmd + Alt + S or Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + X

` Code ` or press Ctrl + ` or Ctrl/Cmd + Alt + C

[Link title] (URL) or press Ctrl/Cmd + K

==Highlight== or press Ctrl/Cmd + Alt + H



Large heading (H1): # + Space

Medium heading (H2): ## + Space

Small heading (H3): ### + Space


To quickly switch the heading style afterwards, click on the heading and press Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + 1 or 2 or 3 respectively.


Bullet lists

  • - or + or * + Space

  • Press Enter to add another bullet point to the list.

    • Press Tab to indent a bullet point.

  • Press Shift + Tab to unindent a bullet point.

  • Press Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + 7 to turn one or more paragraphs into a bullet list.


Numbered lists

  1. 1. + Space

  2. Press Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + 8 to turn one or more paragraphs into a numbered list.

Task lists

  • [] + Space

  • Press Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + 9 to turn one or more paragraphs into a task list.

  • You can check a task by clicking on the box or by pressing Ctrl/Cmd + Space.

Internal links and mentions

@ + item/collection title or team member


You can also add internal links to any text. Select the text you want to add an internal link to and choose Link from the menu (or press Ctrl/Cmd + K). Then:

  • Type @ to link to an item, or

  • Type # to link to a heading in the currently open item


External links

Paste any external link into Nuclino and it will be automatically shown as a clickable link and fetch the link title.


To paste the original URL instead of the link title, paste the link and then press Ctrl/Cmd + Z.

Images, videos, and files

Images, videos, and files can be uploaded using the insert + menu or the slash command. Images and MP4 videos can be embedded, while files and videos in other formats can be uploaded as attachments.



Tables can be added using the insert + menu or the slash command. Right-click to add or delete rows and columns, resize the table, or sort the table content.



Dates (including time) can be added to the item content:


A date can also be set for an entire item using the Date field.


To any item you can add a canvas — a flexible, collaborative online whiteboard where you can create diagrams, flowcharts, moodboards, storyboards, and more. Type /canvas to get started.



You can easily embed a variety of content from other apps, including diagrams, designs, maps, spreadsheets, and more, by simply pasting a link.


Code blocks


round((signups::NUMERIC / lag(signups) OVER(
ORDER BY iso_year_week) - 1) * 100, 2) AS growth
to_char(created_at, 'IYYY_IW') AS iso_year_week,
COUNT(*) AS signups
GROUP BY iso_year_week
ORDER BY iso_year_week DESC


> + Space



> [!note], > [!info], > [!success], > [!warning], or > [!danger] (depending on the type of callout you want to add)


Callouts allow you to draw attention to specific content within an item. It's a great way to provide explanations, notes, hints, warnings, or other important context.

Horizontal rule

--- (three dashes in a row)


Nuclino uses the KaTeX library to render mathematical equations and characters.
An equation can be added:

  • Inline, e.g.

  • As a dedicated content block, e.g.:

Other shortcuts

  • Copy: Select the text you want to copy, then press Ctrl/Cmd + C

  • Cut: Select the text you want to cut, then press Ctrl/Cmd + X

  • Paste: Go into the line you want to paste the copied/cut text to, then press Ctrl/Cmd + V

  • Undo: If you want to undo the last step, press Ctrl/Cmd + Z

  • Redo: If you want to redo the last step, press Ctrl/Cmd + Y

  • Go to item or collection: To quickly jump to a different item or collection, press Ctrl/Cmd + P

  • Command palette: To open a list of all available commands, press Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + P (or Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + K in Firefox)

  • Add external link: Select the text you want to add a link to and press Ctrl/Cmd + K

  • Add a comment: Select the text you want to comment on and press Ctrl/Cmd + Alt + M

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