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Number of team members



Number of items



Number of fields per workspace



Version history



2GB per team

10GB per team member

Team roles

Owner, Admin

Owner, Admin, Member, Guest

Workspace roles


Editor, Reader, Commenter



Private workspaces


Default workspaces


SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)


PDF export

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Main benefits of paid plans

Unlimited items

You can create an unlimited number of collaborative documents in Nuclino.

Learn more: What is an item?

Unlimited fields

Track additional information about items by adding labels, dates, owners, and more.

Learn more: Use fields

Version history

Version history allows you to restore previous versions of content. This helps you undo unwanted, accidental, or unauthorized changes. We automatically save versions while you're working.

Learn more: Use the version history

More storage

Additional storage allows your wiki to grow even though you want to add large or many attachments.

Learn more: Manage team storage

More team roles

In addition to the team owner and admin roles, assign the member and guest roles to restrict administrative and dangerous permissions to the owner and admins.

Learn more: Roles and permissions

More workspace roles

In addition to the workspace editor role, the you can assign the comment-only and read-only roles to prevent certain workspace members from making changes.

Learn more: Roles and permissions


Create groups to easily manage and send notifications to multiple users at once.

Learn more: Use groups

Private workspaces

Private workspaces offer an easy way to make certain information only available to selected team members. In order to access a private workspace, you need to be invited.

Learn more: Create a workspace

Default workspaces

Default workspaces are the starting point for anyone you invite to the team. Every new team member will be automatically added to the default workspaces when they join your team in Nuclino.

Learn more Set default workspaces

Single sign-on (SSO)

Allow your team to sign up and log in to Nuclino via a single sign-on provider.

Learn more: Configure SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)


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